Why Choose McCary Anheuser Wealth Management, LLC

Take your family's wealth management from this ...

Take your family's wealth management from this ...

to this ...

to this ...

to this.

to this.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We first help our clients explore their values, then think through their lifestyle choices at different stages in their lives, and finally formulate how their values and lifestyle choices results in a well coordinated wealth transfer to their next generation(s) and charitable groups.

Specific Financial Planning areas include the following:

  • Tax planning
  • Business strategy planning
  • Commercial real estate strategy planning
  • Investment planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • College planning
  • Employee benefit review planning

  • Approximate annual cost/investment:
    • 0.50% of family's net worth.
  • Return on this cost/investment:
    • typically positive when implement comprehensive plan.
  • Minimum net worth: $2 million.

Customized Investment Management

Our Investment Management approach provides clients with a customized investment solution focused first and foremost on their Financial Plan. The Financial Plan details their current financial needs, their future retirement financial needs, and their multi-generational and charitable giving financial needs. 

From the Plan, the following specific Investment Management services naturally follow:

  • Custom designed marketable securities investment portfolios
  • Custody at TD Ameritrade Institutional and Schwab
  • Re-balancing
  • Tax harvesting
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Venture capital fund(s) investment recommendations
  • Private Equity fund(s) investment recommendations
  • Private Debt fund(s) investment recommendations
  • Family business valuation enhancement and succession planning
  • Commercial real estate valuation enhancement and succession planning

  • Approximate annual cost/investment:
    • 0.75% of assets under advisement / management.
  • Return on this cost/investment:
    • likely positive if implement investment plan.
  • Minimum investable portfolio:
    • no minimum required with comprehensive financial plan.

Secure Client Vault Available 24/7 and Convenient Zoom client meetings

We use only the latest institutional quality smart technology to help us:

  • Analyze clients values, goals and current financial information
  • Develop appropriate alternative Financial Planning and Investment Management choices
  • Decide on our recommendations from those alternatives
  • Present our Financial Planning and Investment Management alternatives and recommendations
  • Help clients select and implement their choices
  • Monitor the progress of the Financial Plan and Investment Management
  • Track their progress and adjust as markets and lifestyle events occur over time

This technology also ensures the Plan and Investment Portfolio information is encrypted, backed-up and monitored 24/7 providing clients peace of mind, and easy access to their well organized Plans and Portfolios.

Lastly, this technology enables us to offer clients the convenience of virtual (Zoom) client meetings. The benefits include:

  • Meetings from any location on any device at convenient times for clients
  • A client couple located in two different spots can both conveniently join the meeting from wherever they are
  • Meetings can be shorter and / or more frequent, depending on changing market or lifestyle events

Approximate annual cost/investment:
* no additional cost/investment

Problems we help solve:

1) Paying too much  in taxes.

2) Paying too much in investment management fees.

3) Paying too much for insurance products you may not even need.

Problems around retirement:

1) Not knowing how much to save for retirement.

2) Not knowing how to best invest those savings to: a) minimize taxes and b) stop buying high and selling low.

3) Not knowing how to best withdraw living expenses from which accounts, in what order to maximize returns and provide for the lifestyle you want in retirement. 

4) Not knowing how much can be safely gifted away.

Problems around estate planning:

1) Paying too much in probate and / or estate taxes.

2) Not knowing how best to transfer wealth to the next generations without spoiling them and having them spend the wealth away in one generation: the "Shirt Sleeves to Shirt Sleeves in Three Generations" problem.

3) Leaving a disorganized estate to heirs that doesn't reflect your wishes and causes them to fight and bicker instead of being grateful for your generosity.

Our Brochure

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Our Code of Conduct(s)

As both a CFP® and member of the CFA Society (level 1), we have adopted each professional organization's Code of Conduct. (Click their respective link to view their Code of Conduct.)

Our Resume

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Two Short Videos

1) This first video gives an interesting overview on what to look for when choosing a Wealth Manager. It defines Wealth Management to include Relationship Management which we provide our clients as part of our comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management services.

2) This second video shows how we help you manage your wealth throughout your retirement years giving you peace of mind and helping you become a hero in your family by creating wealth across generations if that's one of your goals. We use state of the art, smart technology married with our 15+ years of practical wealth management experience. Once setup, you can access your wealth management dashboard by clicking the "Client Login" in the upper right corner of this or any page on our McCary Anheuser Wealth Management website.


Advanced Information Security at All Times

Your wealth management system employs advanced security features and protocols to keep your data safe, private, and secure at every hour of every day, year round. In addition, unlike online banking, trading or shopping websites, your money cannot be moved, withdrawn or accessed on our system.  Data Security Details (click here)