McCary Anheuser Wealth Management ("MAWM") is a Virtual Family Office serving the Anheuser family of Budweiser beer and a select few other wealthy families nationwide. What if together we could also help your family align your wealth with your family's highest values across multiple generations?

Wealth from generation 1 ...<br/><br/>

Wealth from generation 1 ...

... to generation 2 ...<br/><br/>

... to generation 2 ...

... to generation 3.<br/><br/>

... to generation 3.

McCary Anheuser Wealth Management, LLC ("MAWM") is a registered investment advisor fiduciary located in West Hartford, CT virtually serving high-net-worth and ultra-high-net worth families nationwide with flexible meeting space across the country. MAWM offers its clients a virtual family office experience without the expense of a typical family office payroll. MAWM provides the core Financial Planning and Investment Advisory services and partners with other professional firms across multiple specialties to provide a comprehensive virtual family office advisory service. This multi-discipline approach helps families organize, grow and protect their assets and avoid costly mistakes through life's transitions. The result is successful multi-generational family legacies.

Client Profiles

If You are a Business Owner / Medical or Dental Practice Owner

If You are a Business Owner / Medical or Dental Practice Owner

David McCary is a former Private Banker and Institutional Investment Advisor who has since gone on to start, run, and exit a number of his own startup businesses. He understands your issues and can help you navigate the complexities of business ownership and optimize your business' net worth. 

His strengths include both critical and creative thinking around your specific business(es) issues. 

In addition, he and his curated team of professionals can help you optimize your business' retirement plan and share in your liability by being your 3(21) Investment Advisor Fiduciary. He selects and monitors the Plan's investment managers and ensures your Plan is properly managed at competitive fees. 

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If You are a Commercial Real Estate Owner / Investor

If You are a Commercial Real Estate Owner / Investor

David has underwritten and managed the underwriting of over $10 billion in 7,500 commercial real estate properties over a 20 year career for clients including Aetna Realty, JP Morgan and Citigroup Alternative Investors. He understands your issues and can help you navigate the complexities of CRE ownership. 

His investment experience covers most property types including apartment, office, retail, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, and self storage in most of the major U.S. markets. 

With proper financial planning and insight into the CRE market cycles, he can help your family create a lasting multi-generational legacy of on-going CRE wealth and financial well-being for many generations to come.

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If You are an Ultra High Net Worth Family Leader

If You are an Ultra High Net Worth Family Leader

David co-founded and has been lead Advisor to the Anheuser family's virtual family office for the past 20+ years. He understands your family dynamic and investment concentration issues and can help you navigate the complexities that come with a significant amount of family wealth. 

The presence of significant wealth can alter family dynamics in ways that some families don't expect and don't want. And they can find it difficult to re-direct the family in more positive ways after the fact. 

He can help you create or adjust a team of vetted professionals who blend their respective areas of expertise with your family's values and goals to help you create a positive family culture. This will increase your family's chances of multi-generational success.

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<em>Avoid the &#8220;Shirt Sleeves to Shirt Sleeves&#8221; Fate</em>

Avoid the “Shirt Sleeves to Shirt Sleeves” Fate

McCary Anheuser Wealth Management specializes in helping high net worth and ultra high net worth families plan their wealth across multiple generations and avoid the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” trap.

Without proper planning, even the wealthiest families can miss opportunities to pass their family culture and wealth on to future generations of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Work with a professional financial planner with personal experience transforming a fifth generation inheritance into one that will reach another seven generations into the future if conservative assumptions come to pass.

This type of multi-generational planning not only helps create healthy cross-generational family cultures but also taps into the power of compounding in ways that turn today's acorns of wealth into tomorrow's oak trees of wealth. Families can leave a legacy that makes them proud.

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