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Why Choose McCary Anheuser Wealth Management?

Virtual Family Office: CFO Services<br/>(Learn More)

Virtual Family Office: CFO Services
(Learn More)

As a CFP® and CPWA®  professional and an MBA with many years of experience as a Private Banker, David and his network of professionals help clients oversee both their family's and business(es)'s financial affairs. This coordinated comprehensive financial planning produces optimal results for both. Financial Planning services include the following:

  • Retirement planning
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  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Business valuation enhancement and succession planning.
  • Commercial real estate valuation enhancement and succession planning.
  • Plan Sponsor 401K planning
  • College planning.
  • Employee benefit review planning.

Subscription fee for these CFO services is $1,000/month billed monthly or quarterly and adjusted annually for inflation. The first 3 months are paid upfront. Your subscription gives you access to a senior level financial advisor who knows your specific family financial details over time whenever and wherever you need it. Your return on this retainer includes peace of mind knowing you are avoiding costly mistakes, and knowing your family's Human Capital, Intellectual Capital and Financial Capital are all properly aligned with your family's values and goals.

Virtual Family Office: CIO Services<br/>(Learn More)

Virtual Family Office: CIO Services
(Learn More)

As a level 1 CFA since 1993, lead CIO for his family's virtual family office since 2001, and many years experience as an Institutional Investment Advisor with clients including Aetna, JP Morgan and Citigroup, David and his network of professionals help clients create appropriate, custom fit investment portfolios. These investment portfolios fuel the family's various lifestyle, estate and charity goals. Investment Management services include the following:

Investment management fee for these CIO services is 1.0% of assets under advisement, fixed for two years, then rebalanced every two years.

A Vanguard study shows advised portfolios can return approximately 3.0% more per year than an unadvised portfolio in part by avoiding costly investment mistakes (click here for the report). Your return on this investment management fee over the long term could be 2.0%/year or more (3.0% minus 1.0%). 

Virtual Family Office: Smart Tech Dashboard<br/>(Learn More)

Virtual Family Office: Smart Tech Dashboard
(Learn More)

As a registered investment advisor (RIA) fiduciary, David has access to a network of institutional quality smart technology services and their professional support teams. Together we provide clients with CFO and CIO services using a number of safe secure client and advisor dashboards. This technology ensures our clients' Financial Plans and Investment Portfolio information is encrypted, backed-up and monitored 24/7. This gives clients peace of mind and easy access to their well organized Plans and Portfolios. Lastly, this technology enables us to offer clients the convenience of virtual (Zoom) client meetings. The benefits include:

  • Meetings from any location on any device at convenient times for clients.
  • A client couple in two different locations can both conveniently join the meeting from wherever they are.
  • Meetings can be shorter and / or more frequent, depending on changing market or lifestyle needs.

Annual technology fee is included in the CFO and CIO fees.

Problems we help solve around financial planning:

Problems we help solve around financial planning:

  • Paying too much  in taxes. 
  • Paying too much in investment management fees. 
  • Paying too much for insurance products you may not need. 

Problems we help solve around retirement:

Problems we help solve around retirement:

  • Not knowing how much to save for retirement.
  • Not knowing how to best invest those savings to minimize taxes and stop buying high and selling low.
  • Not knowing how to best withdraw living expenses from which accounts, in what order to maximize returns and provide for the lifestyle you want in retirement.
  • Not knowing how much can be safely gifted away.

Problems we help solve around estate planning:

Problems we help solve around estate planning:

  • Paying too much in estate taxes.
  • Not knowing how best to transfer wealth to the next generations without spoiling them and having them spend the wealth away in one generation: the "Shirt Sleeves to Shirt Sleeves in Three Generations" problem. 
  • Leaving a disorganized estate to heirs that doesn't reflect your wishes and causes them to fight and bicker instead of being grateful for your generosity. 
  • Getting caught in costly complicated Probate court that could have been avoided.
Our Brochure

Our Brochure

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Our Code of Conduct(s)

Our Code of Conduct(s)

As a (CFP®) and (CPWA®) professional  and member of the (CFA Society) (level 1), we have adopted each professional organization's Code of Conduct. (Click their respective names above to link over to their Code of Conduct.)

Our Resume

Our Resume

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Sample Work Product

Sample Work Product

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Our Current Client Satisfaction Survey &#38; Reviews

Our Current Client Satisfaction Survey & Reviews

If interested in reading a current client's satisfaction survey click here: a) survey and b) BBB reviews

One Short Video

This video gives an interesting overview on what to look for when choosing a Wealth Manager. It defines Wealth Management to include Relationship Management which we provide our clients as part of our comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management services.

Advanced Information Security at All Times

Your wealth management system employs advanced security features and protocols to keep your data safe, private, and secure at every hour of every day, year round. In addition, unlike online banking, trading or shopping websites, your money cannot be moved, withdrawn or accessed on our system.  Data Security Details (click here)      

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