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Becoming an Adirondack 46er Blog

Becoming an Adirondack 46er Blog

April 20, 2020

Japan calls walking in the woods "Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku)", and they believe it has therapeutic effects.

Google translates Shinrin-Yoku as follows:

Shinrin-Yoku, translated into English as 'forest bathing', means taking in the forest atmosphere during a leisurely walk. It is a therapy that was developed in Japan during the 1980s, becoming a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

I'm not sure Shinrin-Yoku is true, but I am sure hiking in the Adirondacks is a great way to get away from our normal routine and enjoy the beautiful mountains of this region.

My goal is to climb the 46 highest peaks in the Adirondack Park within the next ten years. I've completed 7 so far.

For details and updates on this journey, click the link below to my "Becoming A 46er" blog. You'll see some of my landscape photographs and a short video taken at the summit of Mt Marcy, the highest of the 46 peaks.

Continued success in your family's planning journey. Best, Dave McCary, CFP®

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