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Buffalo Came Back With Long Term Planning

Buffalo Came Back With Long Term Planning

April 08, 2020

That fact that buffalo were able to come back is a type of proof that long-term planning can work. Let long term planning work for you and your family's financial well-being. 

Financial well-being helps support good health, strong family relations, multiple connections to community, giving back etc.

I took this photo of the buffalo while visiting Yellowstone recently. He walked right past me while I was holding my breath on my snowmobile and pressing the shutter. I hoped he would keep walking, which thankfully, he did. "Nature amazes."

Also watched Old Faithful spout right on time. Click on the Gallery Photo below to enlarge Old Faithful.

A visit to Yellowstone in the winter is much less crowded than warmer months. However, not sure how crowds will form after the covid 19 pandemic.

Continued success in your family's planning journey. Best, Dave McCary, CFP®