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Photographers partnering with AI

Photographers partnering with AI

November 01, 2023

As a professional photographer, I've been following AI and its ability to produce "AI generated image elements" which, in Photoshop, can be composited with photographers' "camera generated image elements" and modified with changes in color and luminance.

Recently a couple AI engines have started delivering fairly high quality "image elements" that are good enough to be mixed in and composited with a photographer's image elements in Photoshop. This is giving photographers greatly expanded creative opportunities similar to traditional painter-artists who could always paint whatever came to mind.

For example, I've had this image of an 18th century sailboat in a storm in my mind for many years but knew I'd never be able to stage it and shoot it with my camera while sailing along on a stormy sea. However, with AI, now I can make this image. (I actually painted a similar image in art class in high school, though not nearly this good; I can't paint!.) So I used AI and my photoshop skills to create the image that has been in my mind all these years. So with AI now, photographers can join paint-artists with the help of AI and photoshop, and create whatever image comes to their creative minds. In this image, I did a fair amount of color and luminosity adjustments in Photoshop (no compositing here; but I plan to in the future with other AI elements). No doubt this AI partnership with photographers will be controversial. It raises questions like what is art? And can AI be part of art? Your thoughts?