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David W. McCary

David W. McCary


David is the founder of McCary Anheuser Wealth Management, where he helps business owners, commercial real estate owners, and high net worth/ultra high net worth families plan out their wealth for generations. He has a vast array of experience, from starting other businesses to working in the private banking sector and commercial real estate sector to managing his family’s generational wealth, all of which he brings to his clients at MAWM. He has an interesting story of how he became so hyper-focused on serving these niche markets and all the steps he’s taken in his career have led to serving these specific clients today. 


David is a 6th generation Anheuser of the Anheuser-Busch company. Because of this family heritage, he has been keenly interested in and has studied wealth management since he was 12 (he was in the stock picking club at school!). Since then, he’s experienced many market cycles, decades of complex family dynamics, and learned the ins and outs of generational planning. Today, he uses this experience to create detailed, comprehensive financial plans for his clients that take into account their taxes, investment, insurance, retirement, and estate (TIIRE) needs. He also holds a number of industry designations, including an MBA in Finance, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation, and the Chartered Realty Investor® (CRI)® Designation. He is a Level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst Society member. 

One of the reasons why David is so drawn to the beauty of creating financial plans is because outside of finances, his other passion is photography. Seeing a financial plan come out of nothing is a lot like watching traditional film develop in the dark room. Although the process of creating the perfect photo could take weeks, the result was always greatly anticipated. David still loves photography and you can find his collection of photographs on his website. David is also passionate about hiking and is on a personal quest to become a 46er, or someone who climbs the 46 highest Adirondack Mountains. His mother became a 46er at the age of 60 and this mission is what motivates David. You can track his journey on his blog, Becoming a 46er!